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Everything You Need to Start Crocheting

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Crocheting is a hobby where you don’t really need very much to get started, it’s also fairly cheap… in the beginning. I say that because as soon as you get the hang of crochet, you will want to start trying all different types of yarns, and different kinds of hooks, and there are SO many cool gadgets that you can use for crochet as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


As you could have probably guessed, yarn is the first material on my list. Yarn is my absolute favorite thing about crochet. I love going to the store to pick out new yarns to try! However, when you are first learning to crochet, choosing the “right” yarn can be a little confusing, and VERY overwhelming. Here is a link to my blog post, Everything I Know About Yarn, which will tell you about the different types of yarn and which yarns to use for which project.

The easiest yarn for beginners is “worsted weight” yarn, or simply, size medium. Medium yarn is best for beginners because it’s cheap and easy to work with!

My favorite medium size yarn to work with right now is Lily Sugar ‘N Cream, but I also love Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn.

Lily Sugar 'n Cream The Original

Crochet Hook 🙂

Just like with yarn, there are a million different options when it comes to crochet hooks. While you are learning to crochet I would suggest trying to find a beginner set, which you can find somewhere like Amazon or even at your local craft store.