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How to Make a Magic Circle (mc) for Crochet

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

A magic circle, which is also sometimes called a magic ring or magic adjustable loop, is a useful stitch in crochet when you want to crochet in the round. Now that I know how to make a magic circle, it's the only way I start a crochet project in the round.

The main reason why the magic circle is so "magical' is because it gets rid of that little tiny hole that other methods leave in the center of your work. The crochet magic circle allows you to pull a string and tighten the center hole as much or little as you desire.

Let's get started!

magic ring with 6sc

What is the Magic Circle Technique??

The Magic Circle is a technique used in crochet and it is a great way to begin a crochet project that’s worked in the round. To use the magic circle method, you’ll make a loop of yarn, and work the first round of stitches into that adjustable loop. Then, you’ll pull one end of the loop to tighten it. This will close the circle, eliminating the small hole that sometimes forms in the center of your work.

Magic Circle Advantages

Compared to other traditional methods, the magic circle technique is the best way to create a tightly closed starting ring. The advantage of the Magic Circle method is that it eliminates the small hole in the center of the first round of circular crochet.

Using the Magic Circle in Patterns that Have Other Starting Methods

Some crochet patterns and projects may call for other starting methods that aren't the Magic Circle method, but you can always replace that starting method for the magic circle.

Other starting methods may look like this:

  • chain 4, slst into the 1st chain, then work the first round in that circle

  • chain 2, 6 single crochet in 2nd chain from hook

For most crochet projects that are worked “in the round”, you can simply substitute the Magic Circle method. In both instances above, replace the chain stitches with a magic circle, and then make the first round of crochet stitches into the magic ring just like you will see in the tutorial below.

Magic Circle Photo Tutorial

In this step-by-step photo tutorial, I will teach you how to make a Magic Circle for crochet (sometimes called a magic ring or magic adjustable loop).

There are MANY ways to create a Magic Circle, but this is my favorite method. I create a Magic Circle in similar motions that I also use to form all of my slip knots. This makes it quick and easy, and I really only have to remember one set of instructions (pretty much).

How to Make a Magic Circle for Crochet (Photo Tutorial)

The magic circle is worked in two parts. The first step is to make the adjustable loop. Then, the next step is to work whatever stitches your pattern calls for into that adjustable loop.

Scroll through the following photos to follow along step-by-step and see below for further instructions.

Photo Tutorial Explained:

  • Hold the yarn with both hands in a backward C-shape with the shorter end of the yarn closest to you and your right palm facing up

  • Twist your right hand toward your body to create a stick-figure fish shape

  • Use your left hand to hold the section of yarn where it crosses to keep the circle in place

  • Insert your crochet hook into the circle from the top down and grab your working yarn

  • Pull up a loop into the circle and chain 1 to secure

Now you are able to work stitches into your Magic Circle. Check out the photos below to see how to work stitches into your Magic Circle.

Photo Tutorial Explained:

  • Once your Magic Circle is formed you can begin working stitches into the circle, for this tutorial we will be working 6 sc stitches into the Magic Circle

  • Since you've already chained 1 to secure the Magic Circle, that will count as your beginning chain 1, next, 6 sc into your circle

  • Pull the shorter tail to close your Magic Circle

  • Slst to the first sc you made and you're done! (If you are working in continuous rounds, do not slst)

Happy Crocheting!