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How to Make an Invisible Join for Crocheting in the Round

Updated: Mar 30

The invisible join (sometimes called the invisible stitch, invisible fasten off, or invisible finish), is a crochet technique to join stitches together when you are crocheting in the round so that there is no visible join.

Traditionally, when crocheting in the round, the round is ended with a slip stitch to the first stitch of that round. This method (while great and I use it all the time) leaves a visible join that looks like a little bump at the top of your work.

The invisible join is often used when crocheting in the round and the outside of the circle will be visible. It's not very often used throughout a project in the round unless you are changing colors each round or if you want a more refined finish when joining rounds.

Let's get started!

Invisible Join Photo Tutorial

In this step-by-step photo tutorial, I will teach you how to make an invisible join (sometimes called the invisible stitch, invisible fasten off, or invisible finish) for crocheting in the round.

Step 1) At your final round, trim your yarn and leave around 4-6 inches.

Step 1

Step 2) Pull your hook up all the way to unravel the loop on your hook and thread your yarn end into a yarn/tapestry needle.

Step 2

Step 3) Insert your needle underneath the top (both loops-front and back) of the first stitch in your round, skipping your starting chains. Pull the yarn through to the back and be sure not to pull too tight.

Step 3

Step 4) Go back and insert the yarn needle underneath the back loop only of the last stitch made in this round.

Step 5) Weave in the ends and you're done!

If you have any questions, drop a comment below. If your work any of my patterns, I would LOVE to see how they turn out! Tag me on Instagram and Pinterest with @threadifulbychrysta 🥰

Happy Crocheting!

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