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"Knit" Pumpkins Crochet Pattern

Updated: Mar 30

Fall is officially here, and there’s no need to wait for Halloween to begin setting out your pumpkins! These cute little pumpkins make a perfect centerpiece and are sure to look great anywhere you place them!

This pattern includes three sizes, but you can make these as large or small as you would like!

The stitch pattern creates a knit-like look that is easy to achieve. You can personalize your pumpkins by making them in any color (to match your decor!) or by adding your own unique embellishments.

To purchase a downloadable, ad-free version of this pattern, click here.

Things You Will Need

  • Worsted weight yarn

  • Size H hook (5.00mm)

  • Cinnamon Sticks (or regular sticks)

  • Embellishments like: Jute rope, Twine, Ribbon, or Covered wire (I used Jute rope and brown covered wire).

  • Poly-fil Fiber

  • Tapestry Needle

  • Scissors

Skills & Abbreviations

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

hdcslst – half double crochet slip stitch*

hdcslstBLO – half double crochet slip stitch back loop only

st(s) – stitch(es)

slst – slip stitch

rep – repeat

*Special Stitches

hdcslst – YO (yarn over), insert hook, YO, pull through, pull through both loops on your hook.

hdcslstBLO – the same as above but you will only inserting your hook in thee back loop. This is the main stitch used in this pattern.

Pattern Notes

This pattern is worked flat, i.e., in a rectangle. You can make these pumpkins as big or small as you would like by adding or removing stitches in your starting chain and by adding or removing rows. This pattern includes three sizes:

Small: 3.5” in diameter, 3” tall (including stem) Medium: 4.5” in diameter, 3.5” tall (including stem) Large: 6.5” in diameter, 4.5” tall (including stem)

The pattern is written with the small size first, then medium, and lastly the large like this: S (M, L). Make sure you follow along with the correct size throughout the pattern.

I used three different colors for my pumpkins, CARON One Pound Yarn in Off White, CARON One Pound Yarn in Soft Grey Mix, and Lion Brand Yarns Pound of Love in Cornflower. Any size 4, worsted weight yarn will work though!

For the pumpkin stem, I used 3” cinnamon sticks that I found online. I also used brown covered wire and jute rope for my embellishments.


ch 20 (26, 32)

Row 1: in the 2nd ch from the hook, hdcslst in the 3rd loop only and rep across, ch1, turn (19, 25, 31)

The 3rd loop is the loop by itself at the bottom of your chain.

Row 2: hdcslstBLO across, ch1, turn (19, 25, 31)

Row 3 – Row 30 (41, 50): rep row 2

Now you will need to close your pumpkin by slip stitching the two sides together. I slip stitched through the back loop only on the side facing me, and out the back through both loops.

Next, cut the yarn and leave a long tail for sewing the pumpkin closed.

Use a tapestry needle and weave around the bottom of the pumpkin and pull closed. Use the original chain tail to tie the bottom closed and push the yarn through the bottom (towards the inside) and then flip your pumpkin right side out.

Fill your pumpkin with Poly-fil.

Pull your longer strand through the bottom and through the Poly-fil and out the top.

Weave the yarn around the opening at the top and pull most of the way closed.

Pull your shorter strand that’s still on the bottom through the middle and to the top of the pumpkin. Stick a cinnamon stick in the top and pull the top closed.

Use the small tail you just pulled through to tie the top closed tightly. This will help create an indentation in the pumpkin.

Now just add your embellishments!

If you have any issues with this pattern or have any questions, please drop a comment below!

Happy Crocheting!

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