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Rocky Mountain Headband Crochet Pattern

Updated: Mar 30

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain headband/ear warmer crochet pattern! If you couldn't already guess from the name of this pattern, I live just east of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This time of year we see crazy weather here, one day it's in the upper 60s, then the next it's snowing and schools are shutting down for the day. I designed this pattern for those "in-between" days where it's not quite too cold to want to wear a beanie, but it's cold enough to need to cover your ears.

This pattern works up super fast, which is my favorite kind of pattern! This headband is made using two strands of worsted weight yarn (size 4/medium) or you could also size up the yarn and only use one strand of bulky weight yarn (size 5).

Materials Needed

  • Worsted weight (Medium/Size 4) yarn separated into two strands OR bulky (Size 5) yarn in one strand

  • Size K hook (6.50 mm)

  • Tapestry needle

  • Scissors

Stitches & Abbreviations Used

slst - slip stitch

ch - chain stitch

sc - single crochet stitch

hdc - half double crochet

dc - double crochet

FPdc - Front Post double crochet

sp - space

rep - repeat

st(s) - stitch(es)

* * - repeat anything in asterisks as noted

Pattern Notes

I used two strands of worsted-weight yarn together to create a thick, almost double-sided headband. You can achieve the same thickness by using two strands of worsted-weight yarn or one strand of bulky-weight yarn.

If you are crocheting with two strands, what I find easiest is to pull one strand of yarn from the center of the skein and one strand from the outside of the skein. Most skeins of yarn should allow you to do this, but if your center strand isn't coming out easily, I suggest using two separate skeins.

This pattern is worked in joined rounds, you will slst at the end of each round.

If you want to make this pattern in another size that's super easy! Just be sure that your foundation chain is an odd number. This pattern is for an average-sized adult.

The number in parenthesis at the end of each round is the number of stitches you should have in that round.


ch 55 and slst into your first ch (keep your foundation chain from twisting when you join), ch 1 (56)

Round 1) *hdc, dc* rep around, slst to the top of the first hdc, ch 2 (54)

Round 2) *FPdc around the hdc from the previous round, hdc* rep around, slst, ch 1 (54)

Round 3) *hdc, FPdc* rep around, slst, ch 2 (54)

Round 4) rep round 2

Round 5) rep round 3

Round 6) rep round 2

Round 7) rep round 3

Round 8) rep round 2

Round 9) sc around, slst closed (54)

Tie off and weave ends. To finish the bottom of the headband, reattach yarn to the bottom of the original foundation chain and sc around 54 times. Slst closed, then tie off and weave ends.

If you have any issues with this pattern or have any questions, drop a comment below. If your work this pattern, I would LOVE to see how they turn out! Tag me on Instagram and Pinterest with @threadifulbychrysta 🥰 Happy Crocheting!

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